12/03 - Reciprocity 2x2 : Mary Henjes & Kait Sanchez @ Deptford NJ

Join Reciprocity December 3rd from 2-5pm for the first in our introductory series: 2x2. Each 2x2 show features two of the six founding members of Reciprocity. This show introduces Mary Henjes and Kait Sanchez. They went to middle school together.

Mary Henjes recieved a BA in studio arts from Bard College in 2017 and now lives and works in Philadelphia. Henjes works in sculpture, installation, 2D matricies, and text and attempts to explore ideas of home, place, memory, material, the queering of space, and utopia.

Kait Sanchez lives and works in both Philadelphia, PA and Deptford, NJ. She is currently obsessed with the endless upkeep of the machinery that makes up a human body. Their work emerges in video, drawings, zines, and experiments. He has a BFA in Art Education from Moore College of Art (2016) and is currently on leave from a weird anthropology-adjacent program (Education, Culture, and Society) at UPenn's Graduate School of Education.

This show is being held at Kait's mom's house in Jersey (about 20 minutes outside Philly). Exact address will be posted to Facebook and Instagram the day of. Shoot us a message with questions. We hope to see you there :)

Facebook event

10/14 - 2017 Leadership Conference @ Moore College of Art & Design

On October 14th, Reciprocity members Gérardine Aldamar and Kait Sanchez will be speaking on the "Questions of Collectivism" panel at the 2017 Leadership Conference for Women in the Arts, an annual conference at Moore College of Art & Design in Philadelphia. 

"This panel discussion will bring together members of collectives from Philadelphia and Baltimore to discuss collectivism and the relationship between collective organizing in the arts and economic and social justice.

As a panel we will question traditional understandings of cooperative and collective galleries and examine questions about representation, equity, volunteering, cultural capital and compensation.

The 50 minute session will be structured in a manner that encourages questions from the audience of Moore students and will introduce individuals and organizations in a way that will encourage future engagement after and outside of the panel discussion."

More information at Moore's website.